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Welcome to Magic Billet Box.com. Thank you for taking the time to view our site.
All of our boxes are made in Eugene, Oregon, USA, from a solid piece (aka “billet”) of aircraft-grade aluminum (6061-T6). Using a patented magnetic-locking system, these boxes provide a strong and safe place for jewelry and other valuable items. The locking system also serves as a source of entertainment. How exactly does one open such a box?


The boxes are composed of three pieces: a box, an inner lid, and an outer lid. Each piece is embedded with magnets to create a novel way to secure the lids. There are two available locking styles: Tap-to-open and Open-on-contact. Both styles require multiple stages to open.
Security Features:
-Considerably stronger than a conventional jewelry box.
-Tricky magnetic locking system will hinder unwanted access to box’s contents.
-Easily camouflaged by placing an item such as a figurine on top of a box.
-A box engraved with a pattern can provide both camouflage and visual appeal.

The Box in Fringe Contained Breath Mints.

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